Exercises for practicing the conditional sentences in English

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Exercises for practicing the condicionals sentences

Aimed  at A2 learners

Time: 15 mins

Prof. E Garbey Savigne

Learning outcome:  by the end of the completion of the exercise the learners will be able to understand the use of conditionals


Choose the correct answer.
Q1 - If you'd arrived on time, none of this would have happened sentence is about something that happened in the past sentence is about something that is very unlikely to happen
Q2 - If I were you, I'd get in touch with a solicitor is about something that is likely to happen in the near future is about something now
Q3 - If I won the lottery, I'd go on a cruise is about the present is about the future
Q4 - If the weather stays good, I'll play a round of golf tomorrow is about something that is unlikely to happen is about something that has a good chance of happening
Q5 - If they win, they'll be top of the Premier Division could well happen is unlikely to happen
Q6 - But for Jane's help, I'd never have got it done on time helped the speaker didn't help the speaker
Q7 - It might not have been Sally speaker thinks that it probably was Sally speaker is fairly sure it wasn't Sally
Q8 - John, should you see her, could you ask Helen to give me a quick ring? is likely to see Helen might possibly see Helen

   (adapted from a a given text)


 There are different types of Conditionals names ,

zero conditional (when an order , suggestion  after the condition)

first conditional (wishes  and possibility)

Second conditional ( Not likely, usually used when giving suggestions)

Third Conditional (impossible to be done or achieved)



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