Diseño curricular

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Diseño curricular


contexto para quien y para q le sirve

Daniel: Hi, Grandma.

Edith:  Hello, dear. How´s it going?

Daniel: Oh, don´t ask.

Edith:  Are you still thinking about Katy?

Daniel: Yes. I can´t get her off my mind. I don’t know what to do.

Edith:   I thought you´d gotten over her.

Daniel: I had…..until I saw her again. When she told me she´d broken up with Jason,

             all the old feelings came back.

Edith:  But Daniel, what about Annick and the wedding.

Daniel: I know. I thought I loved Annick. When I asked her to marry me I meant it –but

             now I´m not sure how I feel. 

Edith:   Look, why don´t you go away for a few days and think about it? I´m pretty sure

             Dave and Claire would love to see you again.

Daniel: But I heard Dave was in Toronto.

Edith:   Oh, yes, he is, isn´t he? Oh, well, Claire´s there – you could talk it through her.

Daniel:  Yes, that´s not a bad idea. I´ll go and see her tomorrow.



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