English 3rd Year

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 Welcome  to  English 3rd Year


Welcome to the English subject you will study in 3rd year, which will be a recall of what you studied in 1st and 2nd, but with higher complexity. We hope the materials you will find in this page will help you achieve your aims.



General information

  • -   3rd Year. Objetives, Methodological guidelines.
  • -   Teaching Schedules.
  • -  3rd year professors:
  • Assistant professor Raciel Ernesto Martínez Cisneros Head professor and Guidance counselor
    Full professor Diana Herrera Santana Regular teacher
    Assistant professor Sandy Henríquez Villafruel Guidance counselor


                                                   Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
 Unit  4
 Unit 5
  Unit 6
  Unit 7
  Unit 8
  Unit 9
  Unit 10
  Unit 11
  Unit 12
  Unit 13
  Unit 14

    Other teaching-learning resources

Basic English Literature

Vision One Vision II   Vision III 

English Through

Medicine 1

 English Through

Medicine  2